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Ann's Journal

Quick jump to 2006 Second Pregnancy, Baby Cole.


March 2001 I found out from the doctors I had 5 fibroid tumors in my uterus. They did surgery and was able to only remove 3 of the 5 tumors the other 2 were in the inner wall of the uterus and the only way to remove them is to have a Hysterectomy. I  realized at that time that I wanted to have kids someday. Then they decided to try to shrink them with birth control pills which worked. Then they told me if I wanted to have kids that I better think about it soon. They told me with tumors you never know how long it could take to get pregnant.


Time went by fast and my doctor kept telling if you want kids you should do it soon. Rod was now 35 years old  and I just turned 32 years old. So I got off the pill in September 2003 and the doctor said to wait a little while to let it go through my system and he continue to check me and he did not seem to think that the tumors were growing.


 February 2004 I found out that I was pregnant and I would be due some where between October 20 to October 31 2004.

During my last check up  3 weeks ago he thought the tumors might be growing a little. So I had  ultrasound done and next week may 3,2004 I should get my results.

 It is hard to believe that this June 12,2004 rod and I will have been Married 11 years ago and we will be having our first baby. Time goes by too fast and we have done so much together in life. To think when we got married all we could think back then about was career, career, career and now things change and all I can think about is that I could not see us together in life with out having a family that is some one a part of us.

We went to the doctor for a follow up appointment on May 3,2004 and the doctor gave us our results from the ultrasound we had done. The doctor wanted to see what was going on with the two tumors that I had in the inner wall of the uterus now that I am pregnant. Everything seemed to be going good before I was pregnant the tumors were shrinking down in size. Then my last doctor appointment  he thought they might be growing again due to the hormones. Well sure enough the biggest one is centimeter and the second was a little smaller and they were both up high enough so that I should be able to have the baby normal providing there are no complications along the way. The doctor said the two tumors that I had were fairly small in my case he has seen a lot bigger ones. I guess there is nothing in the world that is guarantee 100%. Then there is this blood test A.F.P. that I should take that shows any problems with the baby which is scary . There is a part of me that wants to Know and a part of me that does not. Talking it over with my husband we both agree to have it done.

I have a appointment for another ultrasound in 18 to 20 weeks to see check out the baby and look for any abnormalities and make sure it is healthy. Then there going to look at the tumors again to see if they have grown any hopefully not too much.

 I have noticed during the weeks that have gone by that I have not had morning sickness real bad. I think I have had heartburn really bad two times it so bad it made me sick. I think the worse thing I have to deal with the most is constipation. Well I guess I can not complain to much because other than that I feel good.

When I went to the doctor on May 3,2004 the doctor used a this thing to listen to the heart beat and we could not the baby's heart beat which scared us so we went to his ultrasound machine to see if the baby was ok. we were all relieve  to see the baby and it's heart beating away.

I got the A.F.P. test about 4 weeks ago and I got the results back may 28,2004 and it came back negative which we were very happy to hear.

Next week June 7,2004 I will be about 20 weeks along and  I am scheduled for an ultrasound to see how the baby is doing and hopefully find out what it is. With my dad being so sick we felt it would be best to find out what it is so we can tell him just in case he is really bad when the baby is born. Rod and I don't care what it is as long as it is ok and healthy. Then we go see the doctor after that for a check up he most likely will not have the results until about 2 weeks. I hope with the last scare at the doctor appointment  that this one is smooth. I hope the baby  is ok and healthy.

Well on June 7,2004 I am approx. 20 weeks  we went down to have the ultrasound done and everything looked good with the baby still was not able to get a good view of what it was? Hopefully in 2 months when we get the 3D done we well get a better view and find out if it is a boy or a girl?

the ultrasound Tec. then said it looks like your having contractions I asked her if that was bad and she said no lots of women have contractions early. Then we visited the doctor and he said that the uterus is stretching and the baby is growing and that is the cause of the pain.

The next day I woke up with cramping pains in my stomach so we went to the hospital and was admitted for check up and monitored and found out I was in preterm labor. The nurses thought it might have been brought on by dehydration so they pumped a lot of water through me and it slowed the contractions down a lot. I was still having contractions, but not as strong and not as much and my cervix were closed which was a good sign.

Then they sent me home and said there is nothing else they could do that night and to see my doctor the next morning. The next day my doctor sent me back in the hospital  to be monitored and the contractions had stopped ,but I was still having little pains they checked my cervix  and they were still closed . So the doctor sent me home for bed rest . Two days later still having some light pain in lower abdomen off and on  I went to see the doctor at the doctor office and he checked me out and said my cervix were still closed and I should take it easy bed rest and if it gets worse call him and if not he would see me in 2 weeks for a check up.

 Then in 2 more weeks I would have this swab test done to see if I am going to go in labor early if so he would have to refer me to a high risk pregnancy specialist that does advance aggressive stuff. to keep me from having the baby early and no work until after the baby is born.

If the test comes back that I am not going to go into labor early then he would continue to see me and I would get to go back to light duty work until the baby is born.

There was a part of me that was sad because rod and I were going on a weekend cruise to Ensenada Mexico for our 11 year anniversary June 12, 2004 and our last freedom cruise and the doctor said we should cancel the cruise and stay home and rest.

Rod just happen to pay for a $70.00 insurance deposit on the cruise just in case something happen and we had to cancel for medical reasons we would get all our money back except the $70.00 insurance deposit. So we both decided it would be best to cancelled the cruise we both feel better and happier about that because there will always be cruises that we could go on and it is not worth losing our baby over it. This  baby  is a part of us and our life now and forever.

June 18 through 20 2004 I am approx. 21 weeks Over the weekend rod and I had a his sister and her husband and the 2 youngest boys and well I think I over did it a little this weekend and I had to go to hospital and be put back on the monitor again for pains in the lower part of my stomach. They monitored me for a couple hours and did not see any signs of contractions on the monitor so they sent me home and stated the pains are most likely for the baby growing and stretching the uterus and what I might be feeling was actually her moving and kicking me and not contractions.

June 24,2004 I am approx. 22  weeks still having some pains in the night more than the day doctor said to stay home and rest and drink lots of water and  unless it is so unbearable that I can not stand it then come in and the can check it out. They said they might be able to figure it out if I came in when I was actually in pain. In the past I have been going in the day when I was not in very much pain and it is hard for them to figure it out.

June 28,2004  we went to the doctors office for a check up my blood pressure was a little bit high 140/80 so the nurse took it again after I laid down on my left side for 5 minutes and it wert down to 117/70 which was a lot better.  Then the doctor check how my cervix was how the baby's heart beat was and both were great. Then the doctor sent me over for blood work since my blood pressure was high at first as a precaution and it came back the next day as normal except I was a tad bit anemic and she said it was not enough to worry about .

July 3,2004 I am approx. 23 weeks I am feeling good and taking it easy I will see the doctor again on July 8,2004 at 9:15am for a test called fetal fibronectin this test that they will do is like a  pap smear they go in and swab  and the results is if it comes back positive then that means I could go into preterm labor and they may have to keep me on bed rest and give medication to keep me from going into preterm labor if the test comes back negative then that means that there were no signs that I could go into preterm labor and I might be able to resume back to normal but still take it easy and I might be able to go back to light duty work.

July 8,2004 I am approx. 24 weeks rod and I had a doctor appointment at 9:15am and he performed the fetal fibronectin test on me and listened to the baby's heart beat and checked my cervix and every thing looked good the test came back negative which was good and it meant that I would not go into labor at least the next 2 weeks but I will have to keep taking the test every 2 to 3 weeks until the baby's is born to make sure that I won't go into labor because the test is only good for 2 weeks at a time. The doctor was a bit concerned even though my blood pressure had been low all week it was a bit high when I saw the doctor it was 130/90.The nurse had me lay down on my left side for 5 minutes and she retested and my blood pressure was 100/60. I asked the doctor if maybe I was nervous about the test because I was not sure what was going to happen and he said it was better off not to take any chances and he did not want me to go back to work for at least another 8 weeks providing that I don't have anymore contractions and if I can keep my blood pressure down and if my fetal fibronectin test keep coming back negative. Then the doctor said if I keep having problems that I may not get to go back to work until after the baby's is born. So I am hoping that if I keep taking it easy and I don't have any problems that maybe I could return back to work in 8 weeks so I can build up some more sick an annual leave for when the baby is born.

July 18,2004  I started having sharp pains in upper left front side and dull pains in lower front and back so we went to the hospital to as a precaution and they put me on the monitor and said I was having slight contractions and the monitor could tell them the difference between the real contractions or if they were Braxton hicks contractions and my temp was slightly up 100 so they check to see if I had a bladder infection but it came back negative. So they gave me 2 shots of terbutaline to stop the contractions and a shot for the pain and monitor me for 1 hour then sent me home and said to see the doctor the next day.

July 19,2004 I went to see the doctor the next day but my doctor was out of town so I saw my doctors brother who worked in the same doctors office and he checked me out and said my cervix was still closed and that it is normal to have Braxton hicks contractions and that the pain that I had in my upper left front side might be a fibroid tumor so he set me up for an ultrasound for July 20,2004 although I had one for August 9,2004. He told me to keep my August 9,2004 ultrasound and 3D picture Appointment and this Appointment July 20,2004 was to check the fibroid tumors.

July 21,2004 I am approx. 25  weeks I went in for my ultrasound and the tech. checked around were the pain was and saw the baby's foot but did not see a Fibroid tumor so she kept looking around  and found 3 fibroid tumors on my right side. So she went back to the left side and thought maybe it might be a cyst my ovaries that was causing all the pain but she did not see anything. then she went up a little higher and found a fibroid tumor that was sort of long and came down and attach to the left ovaries and the baby's foot  was close to it. So she thought that maybe the baby's foot might have been kicking the tumor and that is what was causing all the pain. The ultrasound tech. said that next week July 26,2004 when I go to see my doctor again that he should have the ultrasound results to confirm what was causing the pain and he had plan to due another fetal fibronectin test on me again. Then the ultrasound tech. checked again to see if we could see if it is a boy or a girl and she said last time she thought it might be a girl but she was only 60% sure so she looked again and she said that she was 98% sure it was a girl.

Rod and I have decided that since we have had names picked out for 11 years and we still like the names we had picked out that we were not going to change them . Our names that we have had picked out for so long is if it is a boy Justin Cole Poplarchick and if it is a girl Kirsten Lynn Poplarchick and just in case you did not know my maiden name was Cole and rod and I both have the same middle name Lynn and that is where we got the middle names for the baby if it is a boy or if it is a girl.

Just in case you did not know the hospital the baby will be born in will be at Clovis Community Hospital and if your not sure where Clovis is it is next to Fresno CA.

July 26,2004 I am approx. 26 weeks I had an appointment at 2:30pm so we went down early because I had to do a monitory glucose test which was not as bad as I heard the drink tasted like RC Cola which was good then I went to my doctor and he did the fetal fibronectin test on me and it came back negative and the doctor said everything else looked good. The doctor said if I keep taking it easy and my test that I do every 2 to 3 weeks keep coming back negative and I do not have anymore  real contractions then he would let up on me around 32 weeks and I might be able to go back to work light duty. He said after 32 weeks if the baby is born then the baby would have a better chance to survive. If the baby is born before 32 weeks the baby would have trouble surviving. Then my doctor had me reschedule my ultrasound and 3D for August 23,2004 since I just had the ultrasound done July 20,2004 the doctor want there to be some space between ultrasounds. Then I went back where I drank the R .C. Cola drink for the glucose test and they drew my blood and I should get the results in a couple of days.

July 29,2004 I am approx. 27 weeks I got my results back from my glucose test and they were slightly high they told me that I did not have to fast so I had breakfast and went to burger king for lunch and had a soda no caffeine which might have cause my glucose to be slightly high and I hope that was the case. So they had me do a 3 hour glucose test where I had my blood drawn then drink this drink that tasted like orange crush then they drew my blood every hour for the next 3 hours when I got done 3 hours later I had my blood drawn 4 times and I had to stay at the clinic the entire time. the process was not all that fun but I did it and it was not that bad and hopefully the test will come back negative I guess I will find out soon enough.

August 9,2004 I am approx. 28 weeks I went to see my doctor and my blood pressure was 115/72 which was good and my 3 hour glucose test came back negative and that was good and I did another fetal fibronectin test and it came back negative and that was good. The doctor said everything looks good but the nurse had put down that I had only gain a total of 9 pounds since I have been pregnant and I told him that it  can not be right before I was Pregnant I weight 145 pounds and now I am 159 pounds and that would put me at 14 pounds  that I had gained and he said that they had it wrong they had me a 150 pounds before I was pregnant. Then the doctor said that if a gained 14 pounds that should be about right.

August 23,2004 I am approx. 30 weeks Rod and I went and had another ultrasound done to check the Fibroid Tumors and the tech. said she did not think they change much. She said the last ultrasound had my due date for Oct. 31,2004 and this ultrasound had my due date as Oct. 27,2004. Then the tech. check again to make sure it was a girl and rod and the tech. both said it was clear as day it was a girl. Then she went to do a 3D Picture of the baby but she had her hands and feet up by her face so I got up and walk around trying to get her to move and tried it again and this time her feet were out of the way but her hands were still in her face. So after about 20 minutes approx. we got some pictures of her eyes and nose and her nose and lips. I guess she is going to be shy or she was really happy and content were she was at and she did not want to move. The one thing I think she did not like was when we listen to her heart beat the nurses say they can hear it when we listen to there heart beat and they do not like it and so when we were listening to her heart beat she started to kick away and move around a lot. The tech. said she must not like it because she was kicking where ever she put her wand on my stomach. Well next Monday August 30,2004 I will see my doctor and get the results of my ultrasound and how the baby is doing and I will keep you updated.

August 30,2004 I am approx. 31 weeks rod and I went to the doctor today. The doctor said that everything look great I had gain a total of 16 pounds and that was good. Then he listen to the baby's heart beat and he said it sounded healthy. Then the doctor said that I am all most 32 weeks and he could be more relaxed so I asked him if I could return back to work and he said no. Then I said I thought you were going to be more relaxed and he said I am do what you have been doing but do not over do it. Then he said and if you go back to work it is on you and I told him they will not let me back with out a doctor note and he said well I am not going to give you a doctors not but maybe at 38 weeks you can return for light duty. So when rod and I left we talked about not being able to go back until 38 weeks and that is close to the baby being born and it is kind of a waste to go to work for maybe 4 weeks of if the baby is born early then I would work less then 4 weeks. We also decided that we think the doctor is stringing us along trying to keep us content for a couple of weeks or more and then delaying it again until it is to late for me to return to work and the baby is born. So have decided to make the best of it and enjoy it while it last because after the baby is born I sure I will be busy and in the mean time I am looking out for the baby's safety. Well my next doctors appointment is September 13,2004 and then the doctor said it will then change to weekly appointments after September 27,2004. Rod was a little shocked to hear about the weekly appointment but you have to do what you have to do.

September 6,2004 I am approx. 32 weeks Monday after the Mariposa and the Coles Family Reunion. I started to come down with a cold but spite the cold Rod and I continue to work on the baby's room and by 9pm that night the baby's room was done and it turned out great. It is one of the colorful and prettiest rooms I have ever seen. I hope that Kirsten enjoys growing up in that room because that room seems to me to the funniest room I have ever seem.

September 12,2004 I am approx. 33 weeks Rods sister and 4 boys came up on Friday to be here for the baby shower and some friends of rod and I came up too for the baby shower there names are Brenda and Shiloh. On the morning of the baby shower Shiloh took some pictures of Rod and I  and then my friends from school showed up Heidi and Lisa to help with the baby shower. The baby shower was put on by Stephanie Bonillas my cousin and Barbary and Stan Cole my parents and Barbary Dugan my sister and Donna Konopacki and Doreen Blanchard friends that adopted Rod and I like we were there family. The shower turned out great I could have not asked for a better baby shower.  I saw a lot of friends and family that I have not seen in a long time. I was getting over a cold which was not the greatest but that did not stop me from have a great time. The cake was a gift from my Aunt Leota and My Cousins Lana and Linda and it turned out fantastic and it had a Winnie the pooh theme and was the prettiest baby shower cake I have ever seen. One of my close friends that was in my wedding was there and she gave me a card the she wrote in it that my mom that past away in may 1999 was looking down on me and she would be proud. That was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever told me so much I started crying and everyone was asking Rod what was going on. Well Kirsten got a lot of neat and pretty things and everything will come in handy and just in case anyone is reading this and you were at the baby shower I want to say thank you again for coming and for the wonderful gifts and I will be sending out thank you cards soon.

September 13,2004 I am approx. 33 weeks I went to the doctor for a check up and he said everything looked great and the baby's heart beat sounded great and he check me and said it seem that she had turned she was sideways across my belly and now she is head down. Then he said he would see me in two weeks. Then we left and went baby shopping with some gift cards and money we got from the baby shower. We got a stroller car seat combo with a base , diaper genie , couple of bottles , some baby baths stuff , and a couple of clothing items and a baby's 1st Halloween outfit.  My next appointment September 27,2004.

September 14,2004 Tuesday I started my child birth classes today and I will be going every Tuesday for 6 weeks from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. My last class is October 19,2004 Tuesday.

September 27,2004 I am approx. 35 weeks I went to see the doctor today and he did a test on me that is done between 35 and 37 weeks it is called Group B Streptococcus know as Strep B. the test is done to make sure that the mother does not carry the bacteria and when she goes into labor and the baby is born it can be passed on to the baby making the baby sick or death in about 5% of the infected babies. If the test comes back negative then no need to do anything but if it comes back positive then when the mother goes into labor they would give her antibiotics by IV and it would kill the bacteria right away and the baby would be born with no problems. Other than the test everything else went along great he said everything looked good and the baby is head down and he took me off of  bed rest  but would not let me go back to work until after the baby is born. From now on until the baby is born I will have to go in to see him once a week on Mondays.

October 4 ,2004 I am approx. 36 weeks I went to see the doctor today everything seem to be doing good. My Group B Streptococcus test came back normal which is very good. The doctor also said if I have not packed that I should start packing that once I get to 37 weeks I am consider full term. My next doctor appointment is October 11,2004. I also did a Thyroid test and it came back slightly low so they up my medication and my white cell count was high. So they did the blood work again to make sure and if it comes back high on my white cell count then that means I have an infection and they would give me an antibiotic to stop the infection.

October 7,2004 I am approx. 37 weeks today and I am considered full term. I have finally packed Rod's bag and  Baby Kirsten's bag and My bag for standby to go to the hospital.

October 11,2004 I am approx. 37 weeks I went to see the doctor today my blood pressure was 135/90 so the doctor checked to see if I had dilated and I had not dilated yet then he checked to see if there was protein in my urine and there was none which was good. So the doctor said we could induce labor but since I had not dilated there might be a chance that they would have to do a c- section and rod and I did not want a c- section unless it was necessary. So the doctor sent me home to monitor my blood pressure for the next couple of days and then he wants me to come in to have it checked again. Rod  has been monitoring my blood pressure the last couple of days and it has been 117/80 and 110/70 which is good.

October 13,2004 I am approx. 37 weeks I will be 38 weeks tomorrow. I went to the doctor again today and my blood pressure has been good but when I went in and they checked it they got 140/100 so the doctor checked again to see if I was dilated and no was not and then he checked my urine for protein and no there was no  protein so he said he could induce labor and possibly break the water tomorrow and I still have a good chance of having her vaginally but he had got tickets to go out of town for the weekend and he was leaving tomorrow around 2pm and so he might not be there for the birth. Then he said that if I got blood work done and hung around until we got the results back and they come back normal and the urine come back normal and I have not dilated then as long as I go home and rest and rod checks my blood pressure every four hours and it stays low and I continue not to have headaches and any major swelling in hands, feet, and face until my next doctors appointment which is Monday October 18,2004 then I may not have to be induced before October 18,2004.

Then the doctor said when I go in on Monday October 18,2004 he would evaluate me again and decide what we should do if my blood pressure is normal then he may wait and if it is high depending on other test if they are normal or high he may or may not induce but at least he would be around next week just incase he had to deliver. Hopefully things will be alright until Monday October 18,2004.

October 18,2004 I am approx. 38 weeks I went to see the doctor today and my blood pressure was 120/35 I was slightly high but since all the test come back negative and I still have not dilated the doctor said if I did not want to get induced that I did not have to as long as I keep and eye on my blood pressure and let him know if I started to have bad headaches and started to swell badly. the doctor also said he thought she was approx. 7 pounds.  I guess she is not ready to come out yet my next doctor appointment is October 25,2004 I guess we will have to wait and see if she will be ready then or maybe not.

October 25,2004 I am approx. 29 weeks I went to see the doctor today and my blood pressure was 135/85 It was high so again the doctor sent me over to blood work and to hang by until we got back the results. The results came back that my platelets were low and so the doctor thought it was best for me to be admitted in the hospital.

 4pm I was admitted in labor and delivery room 502 and they did a urine test which came back that I had slight protein in my urine which all the symptoms were signs of  preeclampsia so they did not want to take any chances because my blood pressure was high they thought the                 preeclampsia was brought on by the pregnancy and could be bad for me and  the baby.

 7pm the doctor put me on drug to soften my cervix and it was suppose to take 12 hours and the next morning October 26,2004 7am no change. Then at 9am the doctor put me on another drug to start the contractions and hopefully the would get things going. they gradually bump up the medication from 1 to 20 per minute and by 5pm I was having contractions but no change. The doctor then said we could do it all over again and there may or may not be a change and it might be because of my tumors or to due a c-section.

6pm Rod and I talked about it and we decided it would be best for the baby and I to do the c-section due to all the problems that I had been having. Dr Dan said he would do the c - section in one hour after he got a hair cut and that would give me time to get prepped..

6:45 I was prepped  for surgery and they gave me a spinal block and then they brought in rod and at.

7:14pm on October 26,2004  Tuesday Kirsten Lynn Poplarchick was born 6 pounds and 9 ounces and 21 inches long. When they pulled Kirsten out of me they told rod to look and at that time she started crying and rod said I am in love and I started crying when I heard her cry and when rod said that. Then rod went over to the baby and cut the cord and they checked her out and rod brought her over to me so I could see her and rod got to watch the doctor cut out 2 of the 4 tumors that were in me the other 2 were in the uterus and could not be removed they will shrink back in time once the hormones decreased and with the type of birth control they were going to put me on. Then he removed some scar tissue from my last surgery and cut out my old scar and pulled my skin together and stapled it together to make a thinner nicer looking scar not so wide and not to Frankenstein looking.

 8:30pm  I went to recovery for 1 hour for observation and rod went with Kirsten to the nursery to get a check up and get her first bath. then at 9:30pm they took me to my new room 212 and I was there for about 10 minutes then rod came in and wheeled Kirsten in and he said as he picked up Kirsten and brought her over to me look mommy what my daddy put in my hair for you and it was this cute tiny pink bow. we thought that Kirsten and I was going to get released on Thursday October 28,2004 but they thought it would be best for me to stay one more day and so We were released from the hospital on October 29,2004 at approx. 12pm. This has been the most wonderful experience rod and I have ever had in the 11 years that we have been married and now I look back and say why did we wait so long and we both can not see life without her.


October 26,2005 Kirsten's 1st Birthday Party and we had it at our house with lots of friends and family there and lots of presents. I can't believe that I shoved Kirsten's face in her Birthday cake. It was all in good fun. We had a Great Day.

2006 Second Pregnancy.

August 2006 I found out that I was pregnant for the second time and I would be due some where between April 23  to April 25,2007.

October 26,2006 Kirsten's 2nd Birthday Party and we had it at Oakhurst Community Park with lots of friends and family there and lots of presents. We rented a bounce house for the kids to play in it was great. This time I did not shove her face in her Birthday Cake. It was another Great Day. I am approx. 14 weeks along.

November 13,2006 I am approx. 17 weeks along Pregnant with our second child and Kirsten 24 months old. I can't believe how fast time went by. I went to Valley Children's today and they did an ultrasound it looks like we are having a Baby Boy how exciting. We are naming him Cole James. Cole was my last name and James is Rod's Dad's name. the only thing is they could not get a good look to see his legs and feet. So they can not rule out club feet. Even though I am 35 years old I did not do an amniocentesis at this time and Genetics did not have my A.F.P results until hopefully tomorrow. Genetics also request that we do another ultrasound in 4 weeks.

November 14,2006 A.F.P results came back normal. That means no amniocentesis.

December 11,2006 I am approx. 21 weeks along  I went to AMI this time per my request and they could see the legs and foot but not very well but they do think there is a good possibility that there is a club foot from what they could see.


December 15,2006 I received a call from my RN and she stated they received the result from the ultrasound and it looks like the baby might have a club foot not sure of the other foot could not get a good view. Then she mention that they spotted a Choroid Plexus Cyst in the brain of the baby. I did not know what that was so I had to look it up and it is.

The choroid plexus is an area of the brain that is not involved thinking or personality. Rather, the choroid plexus makes a fluid that protects and nourishes the brain and spinal cord. When a fluid-filled space is seen in the choroid plexus during an ultrasound, it is called a choroid plexus cyst (CPC). "We don't know why, but between 1 and 3 percent of all fetuses will manifest a CPC at 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy," says Dr. Roy A. Filly, a Professor of Radiology and of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences and Chief of the Section of Diagnostic Sonography at University of California, San Francisco. CPCs can be found either on one side of the brain (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral). They can vary in size and shape, from small and round to large and irregular. Some fetuses have more than one.

Regardless of their number, shape or size, choroid plexus cysts are not harmful to the baby. "I am not aware of a single instance where a CPC caused damage to a fetus," says Dr. Filly.

Dr. Peter Doubilet, a Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School, agrees, "That's one very important fact. CPCs are not harmful, and they nearly always go away by the third trimester of pregnancy."

If CPCs are found during an ultrasound, the radiologist will scrutinize every organ and body part to look for other abnormalities, such as a malformed heart, head, hands or feet, and stunted growth of the baby. When no other abnormalities are found, the diagnosis is called an "isolated CPC."

The Significance of an Isolated CPC

If CPCs do not cause any damage, why does anyone worry about them? The problem is really one of associationóbeing at the wrong place at the wrong time. Wrong or right, CPCs have become associated with a severe genetic disease called Trisomy 18. It is well documented that about half of babies with Trisomy 18 show a CPC on ultrasound. But Dr. Bronsteen from the Division of Fetal Imaging at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan points out, "Nearly all babies with Trisomy 18 who have a CPC have other abnormalities on the ultrasound, especially in the heart, hand, and foot." The real question arises when a baby has a CPC with nothing else wrong: the "isolated CPC."

The RN said that I should go in and have an amniocentesis to make sure the baby was ok. I told he yeah but my A.F.P came back normal then she said that the A.F.P is only 60% accurate and the Amniocentesis is 90% accurate.


December 18,2006 I am approx. 22 weeks along went in for Another ultrasound at Valley Children's this time they said they could not see any Cyst. Then she said there was a tiny speck and if they called that a Cyst that is was so small that she would not even count that as a Cyst. She also checked his legs and feet she said that the upper legs looked normal and the lower legs looked normal and the feet looked normal from what she could see.

Rod and I decided to try to relieve some of the stress and have the Amniocentesis done and maybe that would relieve some of our worries. Well we had the Amniocentesis done did not really hurt but there was some pressure just like the doctor said. I always thought that the needle went in the belly button well I was wrong it was off to the side of my stomach close to the belly button.

December 26,2006 I am approx. 23 weeks along I got my results back from my Amniocentesis and it was normal and the baby was a Boy for sure. This time the Doctor was concerned because the original due date was April 23,2007 and this ultrasound stated May 4,2007 so it means that the Baby is behind 11 days but it is ok as long as it don't get further away from April 23,2007 then we are ok. Doctor requested another ultrasound approx 4 weeks to recheck my Fibroids and the baby and his foot and due date.


January 22,2007 I am approx. 27 weeks along I went into AMI for another ultrasound it looks like I might have 6 fibroid tumors not sure until the Doctor gets results back. The past ultrasound they said there were only 3 fibroid tumors I think my bladder was so full from all the water they told me to drink that they had a hard time seeing the other 3 fibroid tumors. She said she saw both legs and both feet but would not give me the status on how they were. She said I would have to get my results from the Doctor next week. She did say the ultrasound shows the due date April 25,2007 so I think that is one good sign he is getting bigger and not behind like before.

January 29,2007 I am approx. 28 weeks along got my results from the Doctor. He said there were 6 possible Fibroid Tumors but were very small in size. He also said the report stated they saw possible signs of club foot but there was no details and it will be hard to say until the baby is born on the extent of the club foot or feet at this point I just want him healthy I am not too worried about his feet. He was worried about me though since I have only gain 7 pounds total so far.

February 12,2007 I am approx. 30 weeks Went down and saw Doc today and I gained one pound. So I am up to 8 pounds. everything is looking good so far but I failed the 1 hr glucose test. So I am going in tomorrow to do the 3 hr glucose test. I really hope to pass this one. Wow it is going to be a long test. Then I have to go in 3 weeks to do I think one more ultrasound to check the baby's feet and Fibroid Tumors again. He wants to check the Tumors and if there growing fast and if there are more of them. He also wanted to try to get a better picture of the legs and feet to give them hopefully a better Idea on what is going on with this possible club foot or feet. So I made my appointment for my ultrasound for March 5,2007 10:15am. I will keep you all posted.

March 5,2007 I am approx. 33 weeks I had an ultrasound again still hard to say about his feet I guess we will have to wait and see.

March 14 - 18,2007  I am approx. 34 weeks. We all went to Reno to the HPBA and all went well.

March 25,2007  approx. 36 weeks Barbary put on a baby shower in Clovis at Jackie and her place turned out really nice.

March 26,2007 approx. 36 weeks Doctor started me on NST Non- Stress Test and AFI amniotic Fluid index every Monday until Baby is born and OB Checks and NST every Thursdays until Baby is born because of my age.

April 1,2007 approx. 37 weeks Tami and Charlene from the Hitching Post put on a baby shower at the Hitching Post and it turned out really nice too.

April 9,2007 approx. 38 weeks I did my last AFI and I did a NST but I have one more left to do.

April 12,2007 approx. 38 weeks I did my last OB Check and NST. Next Monday is the big day. I go in Clovis Community Medical Center for a C-Section. Wish Us Luck.

April 16,2007 Monday approx 39 weeks I am going into Clovis Community Medical Center at approx 10am and Schedule for Surgery for 12pm. well they admitted me in and I got a private room thanks to my Friend a nurse that works there. We went in to surgery at 12pm

12:07pm on April 16,2007 Monday Cole James Poplarchick was born 8 pounds and 4 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long.

I was soooo excited but nervous I knew that he had this possible club foot but I did not know how bad it was. I had signed a paper saying I wanted my tubes tied but I was not sure if I wanted it for sure. The Doctor said it's a boy and he looks healthy has all his finger and toes but he does have club foot but other then that he looks great you want to see him and I said yes so he showed me and I saw how beautiful you were and perfect in soooo many ways I knew I was complete I had my wonderful and beautiful Daughter and now I have my wonderful and beautiful Son. So I told my Doctor that I was done I had all the love that I needed my two beautiful children completed my life I could not ask for more. especially since there are woman out there who can't even have one I am so lucky.

Later that evening The nurse noticed that Baby Cole was not breathing right so she took him down to the Nursery to be checked out. The nurse came in later sand said they were going to keep in in the nursery over night.

April 17,2007 Tuesday to April 19 ,2007 Thursday Cole stayed in the Nursery and at first he seem to not improve but they gave him antibiotics and started to get better. Thursday they took the cover off his head that supplied him with air and the tubes in his mouth to see how he would respond. Later that night we got a knock on the door and It was the baby Doctor and he brought us a present and it was the greatest gift it was Cole and he said I thought you might want to have your son back in your room. The Doctor said everything looked really good and he could be released tomorrow with me.

April 20,2007 Friday we were both about ready to get released had everything pack and Cole was ready to go when the Doctor came in and checked on him before he left and he said he looked a little yellow so he decided to do a bilirubin test and it came back with a score 17 and anything over 14 was too high so needless to say he had to stay the night again in the nursery and I was the only one to be released and I went home approx. 3pm.

April 21,2007 Saturday we went back to see Cole and he looked a lot less yellow and they did the bilirubin test and it came back as a 12 so they were pleased and thought when the Doctor came in he might release him. So we went over and checked on Kirsten because we did not know when the Doctor would be there and I called about 430pm and he was there so we rushed over and we saw the Doctor and he was pleased how low it dropped and he decided to release Cole and so Cole went home approx. 5:30pm.

April 23,2007 Monday 7 days old Cole Went to Valley Children's for his first Cast appointment for his club feet and the Doctor decided to do the Ponseti Management Cast Treatments  The Doctor looked at his feet and manipulated his feet where he wanted it and cast them. and every Monday Cole will go in and he will manipulate his feet more and cast them again until they get them where they want them. Then after that they may have to cut the Achilles tendon on the back and cast them for the last time about a month and then after that they will put his feet in shoes and a bar brace for a couple of months 24 hours a day. Then Cole will wear his shoes and bar brace just at bed times and nap times for approx age of 2 to 4 depending how well his feet take the process and it also keeps his feet from trying to go back to the old position. We also had our 7 day check up with his doctor and everything looks good.

April 25,2007 Wednesday 9 days old we went in and had another check up with his Doctor and they also did his circumcision on him and Rod, Kirsten and I were there for the ordeal and I had to help the Doctor numbed him but I had to try to keep him calm with putting sugar water on my finger while he sucked it and it work for the most part but he still got upset poor thing I tell you torture. I don't think I could have gone through it again if I had another son. I am glad I had my girl first then my son I have one of each and I know I am complete.

This has been the most wonderful experience rod, Kirsten and I have ever had in the 14 years that we have been married and now the 2 1/2 years that we have had our Beautiful Daughter Kirsten and now I look back and say why did we wait so long and we both can not see life without our Daughter and our Son.

April 30,2007 Monday 14 days old went in and had his circumcision checked out and the Doc said it looked great. Then we went to Valley Children's and took off 1st cast and checked out his feet and they progressed really good and then he put on 2nd set of casts and then he mention if this one goes as well as the other one we might be able on the next appointment to set up an appointment for a small procedure they have to put him out go in and nip his tendon at the back of both ankles but very minor and then they recast for a month to let it heel and the position they put the feet allow the tendon to grow back but longer. That will give Cole more movement in his feet. Then they put him in shoes and a bar for a couple months 23 hours a day and then after that he will ware the shoes and bar for naps and bedtime only for 1 to 2 years.

May 17,2007 Thursday 1 Month Old and 1 day old. Cole went to Valley Children's for Surgery today to nip the tendon on both ankles and then pulled his feet completely out and put on his 4th and last cast to wear for 5 weeks. The reason they had to do this was to stretch his tendon so his feet would have more movement. He weight approx. 10lbs

June 20,2007 Wednesday 2 months and 2 days old went to valley Orthopedics today they cut off cast and put on his 1st foot brace. Cole weights approx. 12lb

June 23,2007 Saturday Cole's is 2 months and 5 days old. Jamie Coles Wedding Day to Randy Edwards.

July 2,2007 Monday 2 months and 15 days old weights 14lb went into Valley Children's follow up on surgery and the wearing the new brace. Coles feet look great the brace is working out nicely. Another follow up in August until then.

July 4,2007 Wednesday 2 months and 17 days old. This is Cole's 1st 4th of July!!!!!!!!

Aug.6,2007  Monday 3 months and 21 days old Cole's Dr. Appointment with The Dr. at Valley Children's and everything looks great his feet are in the direction there supposed to be and he said there is no need to see him until Nov.5,2007 as long as things stay this way. Then we went and had the brace looked at and he said all is good there too and that we did not need to come back until Nov.5,2007 too as long as his feet appeared to be ok and that if there are any problems to contact him and they would get him A.S.A.P. So I guess we will have to see in a couple of weeks.

August 14 - 19, 2007 Mammoth Pools Camping Trip 2007. Cole's 1st time camping. Cole is 4 months on Aug.16,2007. This is Kirsten's 3rd time camping Kirsten is 2 years 9 months old.

Sept.1,2007 Mariposa Fair and Derby Cole's 1st Derby. Cole is 4 months and 16 days old. Kirsten is 2 years and 10 months old. We had a awesome time this year and this was the 1st time Kirsten could really enjoy the Kiddie rides this time.

Sept.16,2007 Monday Cole is 5 months old today. Time is going by so fast. Tomorrow Is my Birthday and I will be 36 years old. Nov. 5,2007 Cole has appointment with Valley Children's to check out the progress with his feet at that time he will have been in this brace almost 5 months. We are not sure the club feet web sites say full time brace 23 hours a day for 5 months but Valley Children's always seem to run it a little longer. They said they may have him in it full time for 6 months. So we will see. Then he has appointment with Valley Orthopedic to check out the brace and make sure it is not too small and to make sure it is still in decent shape. Some days I worry a little are we going to be able to pay for all these medical bill it just seems that since we have insurance they would pay for a little more then they do. Anyways we will survive and when it is all done Cole is going to be able to do anything and everything that all the other boys do. I just keep believing God is going to help us and things will work out just fine. I will keep you posted on any further outcome of Coles feet.

Nov.5,2007 Monday approx 6 months 20 days old Cole went in for his feet follow and the Doctor was very pleased with his progress and so he told us he only has to wear the brace for 12 hours a day and that we should go buy him his 1st pair of cheap cute shoes. I did not realized how much I took shoes for granted until I had Cole and that buying him his 1st pair of cheap cute shoes just brought tears to my eyes. I can not believe how much progress has gone by in such a short amount of time. He still has a ways to go but we have made such great progress so far. We had to order his 2nd brace because he out grew his 1st brace and we should get it in 10 days.


May 12,2008 Cole took his first steps I know to most of you oh no big deal but for Cole the one with Club feet it was a giant leap for him!!!!

Dec.1,2008 Monday Cole is approx 20 months old We went down for a check up on his feet the Doctor was so pleased with his progress of his feet and walking. The Doctor was so pleased he said no more brace for Cole. The best thing now is walking. We were soooo Happy to see he was going to be ok.








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