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Welcome to Cole James Poplarchick's website!

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Born April 16th 12:07 PM C section Clovis Community Hospital.
8 Pounds 4 Oz
20 1/2 inches long
14" head


10:30 4/19/07

Dr. K wheeled in a gift for us into our room to stay

Good news and bad news. Ann was released on Friday but Cole had to stay. They did a last minute bilirubin Test and was A little high 17, so he get to stay in a tanning bed for a day or so. His breathing problem is GONE he is like a normal 4 day or baby now!

9:15 Saturday 4/21
 Cole is Home with us. Doing great
Thanks for all the prayers.

Monday 4/23/07
Cole is now one week old and Was fitted with his first set of cast for his club feet.

A lot of you are wondering what this Snow board that is on our Son's feet is all about.
I started a website explaining the club feet he was born with.

He is now 3 months old.
His feet are out of Cast and wearing a brace.
Over 14 pounds. Click images for more photos


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